Station Handling

  Station/Label Handling

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The Viewer allows you to mark or label the locations of survey stations in the plot. You can also display station elevation, station coordinates, and shot information.


You have complete control over the way each station is marked. To set these options, select "Preference|Station Handling" from the menu bar. You have four options:


1. Mark Stations. This option puts a small triangle on each station location. You can specify the size of the triangle in the "Mark Size" box to the right. The size is specified in points so that each mark will be the same size on different printers and video screens..


2. Label All Stations. This option prints the name of the survey station next to each station. You have control of the font and the color of the station labels.


3. Label Nth Station. This options skips stations so that every station location is not labeled. The number of stations to skip is specified in the “Label Spacing” box to the right. For example, if the Label Spacing is set to five, only every fifth station will be labeled. This option is useful when you have so many stations crowded on the screen that they are unreadable.


4. Label Junctions. The option only labels the first station in each new survey. This is useful because it avoids the clutter of having lots of station labels on the screen while it assures you that every survey is labeled.


5. Mark Stations With. This option controls whether the stations are marked with a circle or a triangle.