Drag And Drop.

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It is often necessary to process Survey Data Files in a certain order. For example, if one file contains surveys near the entrance of a cave and another file contains surveys near the back, you probably need to process the entrance file first. Compass processes data files in the order they appear in the tree. For this reason, you may need to rearrange the order of data files. You can do this by "dragging and dropping" the Data File Nodes.


To drag and drop a node, simply move the mouse cursor to the node you want to move and hold down left mouse button. This has the effect of "picking" up the node. You can now move or "drag" the node to its new position and release the mouse button. This has the effect of "dropping" or moving the item to the new position.


If you have turned on the Show Surveys option, you cannot drag and drop surveys names that appear in the tree. This is a safety feature so you don't accidentally move surveys. You can move surveys using the Survey Manipulation features of the Project Manager.