Manipulating Surveys And Files

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It is often very useful to move surveys around inside of files. For example, survey files compile more efficiently if the individual surveys inside the file are in the proper order. It is also very useful to move surveys between files. For example, you may want to split the surveys in a cave into separate files that correspond to different parts of the cave.


Survey Manipulating Tool. The Project Manager has the ability to delete, rename or rearrange the order of surveys in a file. It also has the ability to copy surveys between files. Because these operations are dangerous and could result in the loss of data, the Project Manager has a special tool for performing these operations. To perform any of these operations, select the "Files|Manipulate Surveys" option from the menu bar.




Survey Lists. The "Manipulate Surveys" dialog box has two list boxes. Each box can display a list of all the surveys in a single survey file. One list box is called the "Destination" list and the other is called the "Source" list. The Destination list is the active list. It is where surveys are copied, deleted, renamed etc. The Source list normally holds a list of the surveys in a different file that can be copied to the Destination list.


The "Manipulate Surveys" dialog box allows you to copy, delete or rename any of the surveys. You can also copy or move surveys around inside of the file. This way, you can change the order of surveys in the file. If you have a second file open in the Source List, you can copy surveys from the Source List into the Destination. This allows you to redistribute your surveys into different files or create new files with copies of surveys from old files.


Safety. The survey manipulation tools are completely safe, because the changes don’t actually take place until you save the data to disk. When you copy, delete and rename surveys in the Destination list you aren't actually changing the survey files on disk. Until you make the changes permanent, you are only manipulating the names in the lists. You make your changes permanent by saving the changes to disk. You can also save the changes to a separate file, which will preserve the integrity of the original files. Here is detailed information about manipulating surveys:


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