Copying or Moving Surveys From Several Files

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Sometimes, you will need to copy the surveys from several different files into a single file. Because you can have only two files on the screen at once, you have to do the copying in stages. For example, let's say you want to copy surveys from three files named CAVE1.DAT, CAVE2.DAT, and CAVE3.DAT into a fourth file called BIGCAVE.DAT. You would begin by opening CAVE1 in the Source List and BIGCAVE.DAT in the Destination List. You then copy all the surveys you want from CAVE1 into BIGCAVE. When you have finished, save all the changes to BIGCAVE. Now, you open CAVE2 in the Source List, copy the other surveys to BIGCAVE and save it. You repeat the process for each of the files. It is important to save the changes to BIGCAVE after you copy surveys from another file.