Processing And Displaying Data.

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Once you have created a project, the individual surveys have to be processed. Processing generally consists of closing loops, compiling the data and viewing the cave. Although you can do all these operations manually, the Project Manager will perform the operations with a single mouse click. Just highlight the project or file in the survey tree and then click on the Process and View button. The Project Manager will process the files and display the cave in the Compass Viewer.


Highlighting different items in the survey tree allow you to selectively view individual survey files or the project as a whole. For example, if you highlight the project filename at the top of the tree, the whole project will be processed and displayed. Likewise, if you highlight one of the individual files that are a part of the project, only that file will be processed and viewed.


The Project Manager keeps track of which files have changed, which files have been closed and which files have been compiled. It then automatically processes only those files that need to be updated. You can force the Project Manager to process files even though they are up-to-date by changing the Processing Options.