SEF Export Issues

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1. Control Points. If you convert a standard Compass Data File (.DAT) to "SEF" format, no control point will be generated. Some programs such as SMAPS require a control point for every cave before it compiles. As a result, you must create at least one control point for the cave survey. Creating control points is covered in detail in the SMAPS manual.


If you convert Project (.MAK) file to "SEF" format, and the ".MAK" contains fixed stations, they will be converted to control points. As a result, you don't have to create control points for this type of file.


2. SMAPS 5.1. SMAPS version 5.1 does not appear to read SEF files correctly. The data appears to be correct when viewed in the SMAPS editor, but plots incorrectly. Sometimes the problem will correct itself, if you make a minor change to the declination for the survey and resave it to disk. The problem appears to be fixed in later versions of SMAPS