Selecting A Node and Clicking On Nodes

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In many instances, you will need to do things with a particular node in the tree. Normally, you do this by first selecting a node. Nodes are selected by moving the mouse cursor to the icon representing the node and clicking the left mouse button. The selected node will be highlighted with a black background. You can also select a node by using the arrow keys to move the highlight from node to node.


Double Clicking On Nodes. Double clicking on a node is a quick way to perform certain operations. Since each node represents a different survey object, the operation varies with the node. Here is a list of the operations that hard occur with each type of node:


1. Project Node. Clicking on this node will cause the program to compile the cave and display it in the Viewer.


2. Survey File Node. Clicking on this type of node will bring up the Node Editor so you can enter fixed station and make other changes.


3. Individual Survey Node. Clicking on this type of node will edit the survey in the Survey Editor.