Node Editor.

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The Node Editor is activated by highlighting a particular Survey Data Node and executing either the Insert Existing File In Project or Edit Node operations. The Node Editor allows you to insert or change a Survey Data File for a particular node in the tree. It also allows you to enter linking information, fixed station and the geographic location of the cave.


The Node Editor has two pages. Each one performs a different set of operations. Here is a complete description:


1. File Page. The File Page allows you to work with the files associated with a node. From File Page, you can change the survey name, control the path used by the file, import the file from a different directory and add comments


Here is detailed information about operations that you can perform:


Selecting A File

Node Comments

Using The Path

Import File


2. Links Page. Links have two purposes in Compass. The first is to set a station's location to a fixed coordinate. The second is to link together surveys that have duplicate station names. Here is a detailed description of working with links:


Link Page Layout


Entering Fixed Stations, Step-By-Step

Geographic Fixed Stations

Linking Files