Moving Drawings Between Layers

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A. Select Drawing Element. Begin by selecting the element you want to move. Using the Node Tool, click on the object. If you have trouble selecting the element, make sure the layer it is on is enabled.


When the drawing is crowded you may have trouble picking out the object or knowing when it is selected, First, increasing the magnification can make it easier to pick out individual elements. The magnification control can be found in the lower right corner of the Inkscape window.


You can tell when an object is selected because dots will appear on each of the nodes. If your drawing is complicated, it may take several click before you get the right element selected.


B. Cut The Object. Now choose the "Edit -> Cut" option from the menu bar. This will delete the object from the drawing and put it on the clipboard.

C. Paste Passage Walls. Now find the layer where the drawing element should go. In this example, I'm using the w2d_Mask layer and click on it so it is highlighted. Also, make sure the layer is unlocked. Finally, select the "Edit -> Paste In Place" option from the menu bar. This will paste a copy of the element into the w2d_Mask layer.

Note: it is very important that you use the "Paste In Place" option. The ordinary Paste will put the outline in the wrong place.