Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting

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H. Trouble Shooting. Occasionally, you find that the program has not adjusted your map properly. The causes of these problems are relatively easy to correct. Here is a list of common issues.

1. Some Drawing Elements Aren't Adjusted. If you notice that some drawing element are no moving when the cave shots have moved, it probably indicates that the elements were placed on the wrong layer or aren't in any layer.

If an element of your drawing is placed in the wrong layer, the object may not be treated the way you expect to treated. For example, it move without being warped. Also, if the element is outside of all the layers, the program will not adjust the aspect of your drawing at all. In Inkscape, you can test what layer the object is in by selecting it and the looking at the Layer List. If part of your drawing is in the wrong layer, you can cut and paste the object back to the right layer. Click here for detailed information about the process.

2. Objects Shift Relative To Each Other. Any drawing elements that need to move together, should be "Grouped." If they are not grouped,  the may shift relative to each other because the morphing process will treat them as separate element and may move them slightly different amounts. For some this wouldn't matter because the difference wouldn't be visible. However other items it is very important. For example, the "20" in  top "Circle-Height" in the image to the right is slightly off center, while the lower one is not. This is because bottom one is grouped while the top one is not.


Different drawing programs have different procedures for grouping items. Here are instructions for doing it in Inkscape

To group items in Inkscape, first make sure you are editing the master drawing, not one of the test files. Begin by selecting the Node Tool


Next click on one of the items you want to group. If one item is inside the other, click on the inner one first. A small box will appear around the object.Now how down the Left Shift Key and click on another object. A second box should appear.


Maintaining the Left Shift-Key down, do this for all the objects you want to group. When you have selected all the objects, select the "Object -> Group" option from the menu bar. All the separate dotted lines should disappear and the whole object should be enclosed in one single box or dotted lines. This indicates that the all objects have been grouped.