Morph Action Buttons

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The Action Buttons appear in the tool bar along the top of the screen. Generally, they are used to quickly and interactively position the cave plot that is superimposed on your sketch-map. Most of the buttons auto-repeat, so if you hold them down, you can quickly pan or zoom the cave.


1. Reset Button. The Reset button resets all the zoom, pan and rotate values to their initial state. This will fit the cave in the middle of the window.



2. Pan/Profile Button. This button toggles between pan and profile view.



3. Increment Tool. Each time one of the Pan, Zoom or Rotate buttons are pressed, the value changes by a certain amount. The Increment Tool controls that amount. Large values allow you to quickly change values; small values allow you to set the value very precisely.



4. Pan Buttons. The Pan Buttons allow you to move the cave plot left, right, up or down.



5. Zoom Buttons. The zoom buttons allow you to zoom in or out of the cave. The resulting Scales and Zoom factors are display on the Status Bar.



6. Rotate Buttons. The Rotate Buttons rotate the cave around the vertical axis.



7. Label Stations Button. If this button is down, each station in the plot is labeled.



8. Reset Handles Button. Pressing this button reset the Handles to their original positions. Any adjustments you have made to the handles will be gone and they cannot be recovered using the Undo Button.


9. Resize Button. Pressing this button causes the program to expand the bitmap image so it is big enough to hold all the plot lines as they are currently positioned. The program only looks at the actual position of the plot lines, not the position of the moved handles. If you have any doubts about what will happen when you resize, turn off the handle display and the plot lines will return to their natural position.