Survey Station Handles

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Survey Handles. The Station Handles are small black squares that appear at the station locations in the line plot. They can be grabbed by the mouse and dragged to a new position on the sketch. This gives the program information about the current location of a station in the sketch-map and how it is different from the location in the survey data. With this information, the program can warp the image to move the station in the sketch-map to the correct position.


Enable Handles. To view the Handles, enable the "Show Handles" option. The Handles will then appear at the station locations. When the handles are enabled, other methods moving the survey as a whole will be disabled.



Group Move. The Group Move option allows you to move more than one handle at the same time. When the Group Move option is enabled, you have two options


Down Stream. The Down Stream option is useful when you have a error at one station, but the rest are accurate. Normally, you would adjust the station with the error and then all the stations beyond would have to be moved about the same amount.. This can be very tedious, especially if there are many stations beyond.


To solve that problem, the program has the Down Stream option. When the Down Stream option is enabled, all the stations "downstream" from the one being dragged, move together.


The program decides which stations are "downstream" by analyzing the structure of the surveys and loops in the area. In some cases, the wrong stations will move. If this happens, simply disable the option, and move the stations by one at a time.


Vertical. When the Vertical option is enabled, stations that adjacent and vertical from the one your are dragging are moved. This is because Vertical station are almost always should be in the same place or else you will get odd distortions when you morph the map.