intrinsic-153 Add3DObject

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153: integer:= Add3DObject(Parent, ObjType, Name);


This intrinsic is used to create 3D objects. The intrinsic returns a unique 32-bit integer that is used as a handle to identify objects.




Parent. Because 3D objects fit within a hierarchy, all 3D objects must have a parent frame. The parent frame can be the Base Frame, which has a fixed handle of -1. It can also be any user-created frame.


ObjType. The ObjType identifies the type of object to be created. Here are the object types that are available:


0 = Frame. Frames are containers than can hold any other type of object.

1 = Mesh. Meshes contain a list of triangles that allow you to create models of 3D objects.

2 = Lines. Lines are lists of 3D lines.

3 = Text. Text objects display extruded 3D text.


Name. Name is a string containing any name that can be used to identify the object.