intrinsic-168 Get3DCount

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168: Get3DCount(Handle, Index);


This intrinsic returns a count of the number of items in a 3D Object.




Handle. This argument is an integer handle created by the Add3DObject intrinsic. The handle specifies which 3D object the program should get the count from. Here is a description of what each handle type returns:


Mesh = Number of triangles.

Lines = Number of Lines

String = Length of Text.

Frame = The length of one of the sub-frame lists. This is controlled by the Index argument described below.


Index. Each frame has its own Frame List, Mesh List, Lines List and String List. If the specified handle is to a Frame, the index specifies which sub-items the program should get the count from.


0 = Number of frames in the Frame's Frame List.

1 = Number of meshes in the Frame's Mesh List.

2 = Number of lines in the Frame's Line List.

3 = Number of strings in the Frame's String List.