Intrinsic - 145 PrintImage

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145: PrintImage(SourceHandle, Left, Top, Right, Bottom);


This intrinsic prints the image on the current page to the printer.


SourceHandle: This is a bitmap handle previously allocated with the AllocateBitmap Intrinsic.


Left, Top, Right ,Bottom: These items specify a rectangle where the image will be printed on the paper. If the rectangle is larger or smaller than original image, the image will be stretched or shrunk to match the rectangle.




Before you can print an image to paper, you must open the printer using the OpenO intrinsic on Device Channel-2. Printing will not begin until you call the Close intrinsic on Device Channel-2. You can combine ordinary text and graphics by sending text to Device Channel 2.  Since printers have resolutions in the range of 300 to 600 dot per inch and the video screen typically has 96 dots per inch, the image will appear much smaller on paper than on the screen.


Click here for an example printing program.