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Under DOS or a Windows Command Prompt, data can be redirected to and from a program. This is normally accomplished by putting redirection symbols on the command line. Here is a list of the redirection symbols supported by EXPL:


Writes the output of Device 0 to a file.


Reads the input from Device 0 or 1 from a file, instead of from the keyboard.


Appends the output of Device 0 to the end of a file without deleting the information that is already in the file.


Reads the output from one command and sends it to Device 0 or 1. Also known as a pipe.


EXPL supports these options in two different ways:


1. From The IDE. In the IDE, EXPL supports redirection commands specified in the Runtime-Parameters window. The "|" pipe symbol is not supported in this mode.


2. From the Command Prompt. EXPL support redirection from the command prompt in Stand-Alone mode programs, . This includes the "|" pipe symbol.