intrinsic-174 Set3DBackground

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174: Set3DBackground(BMHandle, Enable, PosX, PosY, PosZ, ScaleX, ScaleY);


This intrinsic is used to set a bitmap image as the background for a 3D scene. For example, you could put the image of a starry night sky behind a 3D planet to make the scene more realistic.




BMHandle. This is an integer value that is used as a bitmap handle created using the AllocateBitmap intrinsic and loaded using the LoadBitmap intrinsic.


Enable. This is an integer Boolean value that enables or disabled the background image.


PosX, PosY, PosZ. These are real values that specify the location of the lower left corner of the bitmap on the screen, where 0,0,0 is the center of the screen.


ScaleX, ScaleY. These real values are used to scale the bitmap image in the X and Y directions. If the value is 1.0, the bitmap is unscaled. Values greater than 1.0 increase the size of the image proportionally. Values less than 1.0 decrease the size proportionally.