intrinsic-171 Set3DLights

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171: Set3DLights(Index, Enable, Mode, X, Y, Z, Color);


This intrinsic controls the lighting for the 3D Viewer. The 3D Viewer has a total of eight light sources, each of which can be configured according to mode, color, and position.




Index. This argument is an integer that specifies which of the lights the intrinsic call is operating on. The value should be 0 through 7.


Mode. This argument is an integer that sets the mode for the light. The following modes are available:


0 = Point. This mode creates a point source that radiates light in all directions.

1 = Spot. This mode creates a directional light source that radiates a beam that diverges at a 15 degree angle.

2 = Directional. This mode creates a directional source that radiates parallel light throughout the scene.


X,Y,Z. These arguments are real numbers that specify a 3D vector whose meaning changes depending on the mode. If the light is in Point-Mode, the values represent the position of the point. If the light is Spot-mode or Directional-mode, the values represent a vector that is the direction of the light beam.



Color: This is an integer value that specifies the RGB Color of the light.