Improvements and Differences Between Arachnid-32 and the Original Arachnid.

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Although Arachnid-32 retains most of the main features of the original game, there are a number of improvements and differences.




1. Card Animation. All card movements are now animated. When you drag cards between locations, the selected cards following the mouse. When you click to move between locations, the column of cards is moved by animation. If you drag the cards to the wrong location, the cards fly to their original location via animation. When you move completed suits to the Home Position the move animated.


2. Highlights and Shadows. When a card is selected, it is highlighted with a gold halo effect.  As cards move, they cast shadows on the game board. 


3. Sound Effects. All card movements are accompanied by sound effects.


4. Mouse-Over Card Display. If you move the mouse cursor over any face-up card, the card value is displayed. This is useful when you have a long column and the cards are stacked close together.


5. Spectacular Rewards For Winning. The program now gives a spectacular reward for winning. I won't spoil the fun by telling you what it is.


6. Touch-Screens. The program works well on Touch-Screen computers such as Window-8 tablets.


7. Time. The program now keeps track of the elapsed time of the game.




1. Auto-Move. You have the option of disabling the Auto-Move Option.


2. Cheat Detection. There is No cheat detection.


3. Verbose Mode. When Verbose Mode is turned off, error messages are still displayed at the bottom of the screen.


4. Splitting Columns. In the original Arachnid game, a sequence of cards in suit could only be split by right-clicking and dragging. In Arachnid-32, the either the right or left button can be used.