How To Play

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Overview of Playing Arachnid.


1. Moving Cards And Dealing. Moving cards around and dealing is achieved through use of the mouse. Click here, for detailed information about moving cards.


2. Game Layout. Click here for a screen image of the Game Board Layout. The playing table is split into three areas:


A. The Deck. In the upper left-hand corner is the Deck. If you are starting a new game, clicking on this Decik will cause Arachnid to deal the cards  to setup the initial game layout. If you've already started the game, clicking on the Deck cause the program to deal a new set of cards, one to each row  Note that you may only deal if there are no spaces.


B. The Pile. The central area of the game board is called the Pile. It is composed of 10 columns of cards. You play the game by organizing the columns of cards in sequences from King down to ace. You do this by moving a card onto a different column whose bottom card is one higher. For example, you can move a Three at from bottom of one column to a Four a different column. The cards may be of different suits or they can be of the same suit. However, you can only move groups of cards together as a unit, 1) if they are all the same suit, 2) they in the proper orders and 3) they at at the bottom of a column. For example, you could move a group consisting of the 7, 8, and 9 of spades as long as they were at the bottom of a column


Sequences of card of the same suit can be split anywhere in the sequence. Sequences of card of different suits can be split only if they are at the bottom of a column. Click here for more detailed information about how to move cards.


C. The Home Area. Right above the Pile is the Home Area. When you have a complete a run of cards from King down to Ace of the same suit, they may be removed from the Pile area to the Home Area. Once a run has been removed it is out of play and cannot be brought back in. A run may be removed to this area by dragging it from the tableau to a free space or by using the auto-move feature.


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