Menu Commands

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Game Menu



Abort the current game and start a new game.


Load a previously saved game.


This menu item maintains a list of recently saved games and allows you to easily reload any of those games.


Save the current game to disk.

Save As...

Specify the filename under which to save the current game and save it.


Quit Arachnid.


Move Menu



Undo the last move. Arachnid has an (almost) infinite undo stack and so any move or series of moves can be undone.

Deal Row

Same as clicking on the pack. Deals a new card to each of  the columns.


Start a new game using the current deal (useful if you've really made a mess).


View Menu


Display Column...

If the display gets too crowded, you can display all the visible cards in any of the columns using this option. Click here for detailed information on the Column Display feature.

Locate Card...

This feature will give the location of a particular card if it is visible.Click here for detailed information on locating cards.


Cards Menu


Card Backs...

This option allows you to control what design will appear on the backs of the cards. Click here for information on configuring Card Backs.

Small Cards

This option configures the program to use small card when you have limited screen space. Click here for more information about Small Cards.

Auto-Move Mode

This option enables the Auto-Move feature that allows you to make optimal moves with a single mouse click.

Disable Sound

You can turn off the sound effects that accompany card movements and other actions by selecting "Options->Disable Sound" from the menu bar. You can save this as a defaults by selecting "Options->Save User Defaults" from the menu bar.


If you perform an illegal move, Arachnid will inform you of this with a message box. It is possible to turn off these boxes and just have Arachnid beep.

Save Defaults

This options allow you to save the current setting as a default. The defaults are used to set up the program when it starts.  Currently, the following items are saved as defaults: the card-back pattern, the card size, game window width, height and position, Auto-Mode, and whether the sound is enabled or disabled.

Restore Defaults

This option allows you to restore the current default settings.

Factory Default

This option restores the original settings that were in effect when the game was installed.