Processing Without Viewing

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You have the option of processing your cave data without automatically viewing the cave. This is useful when you are only interested in display statistics or searching blunders. You do this by selecting the “Run|Process Only” option from the menu bar. The option is also available by pressing the “Process Button” from the Statistics and Blunders windows.


You have two options when using the Process Only command:


1. Close - Generate Closure Statistics. This option runs the Loop Closer on the data which generates statistics which document the closing process.


2. Use Closed Data. This option generates statistics based on the closed data. Normally, closed loops will have zero loop errors. As a result, you can use this option to verify that the Compass really has closed the loops in the cave. You can also check for instances where the loops could not be close because of parts of the loop were excluded from closing. Since this option disables your ability to view loop errors, it normally not enabled.