Getting Started

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One of the easiest ways to learn to use Compass is to work with an existing project. For this reason, I have included a copy of the Fulford Cave project with Compass. This way, you can play with a complete project and experiment with the different capabilities of Compass.


Project Files. The Fulford Cave project consists of three files. Here is a description of each file:



This is the Project file for the cave. It tells Compass which files will be included in the project. In this case, it tells Compass that the project will include both cave data and surface data.


This file contains the data for the underground part of Fulford Cave.


This file contains surface data near Fulford, including two shots in a large nearby shelter cave.


Locating and Running the Files. If you have installed Compass using the standard installation process, these files will be located in the Compass folder. If you used the default settings, the files will be in the folder "c:\cave\wcomp32".


Working With The Files. If you have installed Compass correctly, Windows will automatically recognize Compass files and will automatically run the proper Compass program when it is needed. Thus, to process and view the Fulford project, run Windows Explorer and move to the Compass folder (usually c:\cave\wcomp32). Then locate the file FULFORDS.MAK and double click on it. This will run the Project Manager.


You can also run the Project Manager first and then open the project file. To do this double click-on the Project Manager icon on the Desktop or in the "Start Menu." Once the Project Manager is running, select the "File|Open Project/Data File" option from the menu bar and select FULFORDS.MAK.


Operations. Once the project has been opened, you view the cave by pressing the Process and View button. There are also many other operations that can be performed. Refer to the Overview Section to explore other operations.