Project Manager Overview

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The Project Manager is the master control system for all Compass operations. The Project Manager performs five main functions:


1. Organizing Cave Data. Compass organizes cave data into Surveys, Survey Files, Folders and Projects. This gives you great flexibility in organizing, manipulating and viewing your cave data. The Project Manager displays these Surveys, Files, Folders and Projects as a tree diagram and allows you to create surveys, create projects, and manipulate this information with simple point-and-click procedures. Finally, the Project Manager allows you to manipulate whole survey files, moving surveys between files and reordering the surveys in the files.


2. Editing Data. Once you have created a Survey File or Project, you can enter and edit survey shot data. This includes entering survey headers, shot data and doing complex editing and revision of the data.


3. Processing. Once you have created and organized your data, the Project Manager processes all the data, automatically closing and compiling the selected data. You have complete control over what data is processed and displayed. The Project Manager keeps track of the date and time associated with each file and automatically processes any new survey or any survey that has been changed.


4. Viewing Caves. Once the survey data has been processed, the Project Manager will display the cave. The cave is displayed on the Compass viewer, which is a very powerful program capable of presenting and manipulating the cave image in a myriad of ways.


5. Statistics, Errors and Blunders. As Compass processes the cave data, it gathers information about the data. This information can be very useful for understanding the cave and improving the quality of your data. The statistical information tells you things like the length and depth of the cave, the number of shots and more than 40 other pieces of information. The Error Informationshows how and where the data maybe faulty or incorrectly entered. Finally, the blunder detection capabilities of the Project Manager allow you to zero-in on large survey errors.