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Export3D is a program designed to export Compass Plot Files to a variety of 3D data formats. Depending on the type file you are exporting, the program can export stations, shot lines, and 3D passages models.


Currently, the program exports four different formats:


1. Shapefiles. Shapefiles are a file format developed by ESRI, a company that manufactures various GIS programs including ArcView and ArcInfo. Importing Shapefiles into GIS software allows you to integrate your caves into surface maps, surface terrain models and geographical databases.


2. VRML. VRML stands for “Virtual Reality Modeling Language”. VRML Files can be used to display 2- and 3D objects. They are especially useful for displaying 3D objects over the internet.


3. DXF Files. DXF is a file format invented by AutoCad to import and export CAD data. Since AutoCad is one of the most widely used CAD programs in the world, most drawing and drafting programs support DXF files. For this reason, the Viewer allows you to export cave data in the DXF format. This means that you can use DXF files to transfer cave data to virtually any drawing and drafting program.


4.KML Files. KML is file format used by Google Earth to display objects on the surface of the earth. With KML files you can superimpose cave passages on the earth and see where the cave goes in relation to the terrain. Since Google Earth doesn't currently have a way to view objects underground, the passages are displayed on the earth sufrace.