Entering Data

 Entering Data

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One of the cells in the edit grid is always highlighted. If you are using white colored cells, the highlight will color the background black and will turn the lettering white. All data entry or editing occurs at the highlighted cell. As you move the highlight from to cell to cell, instructions will appear in the panel at the bottom of the page, telling you exactly what type of data you should enter in the cell.


If you want to enter new data into the highlighted cell, just type it. The new data will overwrite the old data. If you just want to edit the old data, hit the F2 key, this will put you in edit mode, which allows you edit individual characters in the item. Once you are in edit mode, you can move the cursor around with the Arrow keys, delete back with Backspace key and delete forward with the Delete key.


When you are finished entering data, you can leave the cell using the mouse, the Up or Down arrow keys or the Enter key. For your protection, the data isn't set until you leave the cell. In fact, if you change your mind while you are making a change, hit ESC and the original value will be restored.


Note: Once you have started to enter or edit data in a cell, the Right and Left Arrow key will not allow you to exit from the cell. This is because in edit mode, these keys are used to move the cursor from character to character inside the cell. You can exit from edit mode by hitting Esc and then use the Right and Left Arrow keys to move from cell to cell. Also, if there is data in the row above or below the current line, you can use the Up and Down Arrow keys to exit from the cell.


Normally, you would use the Enter key to set the data and leave the cell. Hitting Enter takes you to the next cell. It also automatically takes you to the next line when you are at the end of a shot.