Moving In The Grid

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Depending on the size of your display, part of the information may be outside the window to the right. For example, the Flags and Comment Field may be off the screen to right. To view these items, you can use the scroll bar at the bottom or the Right Arrow key to move into this region and view the data. You can also change the Editor Font to a smaller size. This will allow more data to be displayed on the screen.


You can also move vertically to view more shots. This can be done with the mouse, the scroll bars, and the keyboard. The Home key moves you to the first shot in the survey. The End key moves you to the last shot in the survey. Page Up moves you up one page, Page Down moves you down one page. The Arrow keys move you up, down, right or left by one cell. Also, you can use the standard Windows movement key. The Tab key will move you to the next cell, and Shift-Tab will move you to the last cell.