Creating A New Shot

 Creating A New Shot

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There are several ways to create a new shot. The Editor can be configured so it will automatically create a new shot if you use the Down Arrow or Enter key to move past the last shot in survey. This is a user configurable option and you can change the way it works using the Editor Preferences Window. You can also create a new shot using the “New Shot” button on The Tool Bar at the top of screen.




Inserting New Shots. You can also insert new shots anywhere in the survey. Simply move the highlight to the location where you want to insert a new shot and click on the Insert button on the Tool Bar.




Shots are always inserted before the highlighted shot. The program will then ask you to confirm that you really want to insert a shot. The program will then create a blank shot at that location. You then have to fill the fields. Inserted shots don't generate Automatic Station Names.