Survey Format

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Everyone surveys differently. Some people survey in meters, others in feet. Some use Bruntons; others Suuntos. All different kinds of data can be mixed together in the same cave survey. In order to encompass all of these different types of data, the editor allows you to select from a wide range of data formats. Thus, whenever you are entering or editing data, you can choose the format of each data item and the sequence in which the data items are entered. For example, some caves are mapped using compasses that are graduated in quadrants. Thus, the editor allows you to enter the data in Quads.


Also, every survey can have a different sequence in which the data are written down. In some surveys, azimuth is first, length second and vertical angle third; but they can be in any order. The editor allows you to select the order in which the data are entered so that it matches your survey sheet.


The Survey Format data is displayed on the bottom of the Heading Page. You can to modify the Survey Format by pressing the "Edit Settings" button. This will take you to the Sequence and Units window.