Split Surveys

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This option allows you to split a survey into two different surveys. For example, if you have file where the A and B surveys were placed into a single survey name A, you could split the survey into two pieces, one containing the A survey data and the other Containing the B survey data.


To split a survey, first select the survey you want to split by going to the Survey Page and double clicking on the target Survey. Next, move Editor Page and select the shot just above the place where you want to split the survey:




In this example, you the last shot of the first piece will be AM5->AM6. The first shot in the second piece will be AM6 -> AM7.


To execute the split, press the "Split Button" on the Tool Bar or select the "Block->Split Survey" option from the menu bar.




The split survey will show up on the Survey Page split into two different surveys. In this example, the the AM survey has been split into the AM-Split-1 and AM-Split-2. You can can of course rename the surveys to anything you want.


You cannot split new surveys that haven't been saved yet. You also can't split a survey with the highlight on the last shot because there is nothing after the last shot to split from.