Block Modifying Surveys

 Block Modifying Surveys

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It is sometimes useful to modify information for a large group of surveys. For example, you might want to set the declination for every survey in a file to the same value. If you were to do this for a file with 100 surveys in it, this could be quite laborious. Compass allows you modify selected parts of whole survey files in one single operation.


Selecting Surveys. You start the process by selecting the surveys that will be modified. You do this by going to the Survey page and selecting individual surveys from the Survey List. You can select multiple surveys in several ways. If you hold the left mouse button down and drag the cursor down the list, you can highlight and select a block of surveys. You can select any number of isolated individual surveys by holding the Control Key down and clicking on each individual survey. Finally, you can select a range of surveys by clicking on the first survey, then holding down the Shift Key and then clicking on the last survey. This will highlight all the intervening surveys.



Modifying Surveys. Once you have selected a group of surveys to modify, you need to setup the operations you want to perform on the surveys. You do this by selecting the "Surveys|Block Modify Surveys" from the menu bar. The program will display the "Block Modify Selected Surveys" window.


Block Modify Window. The Block Modify Window is divided into six pages. Each page allows you to setup a different aspect of the modification process. To have the program modify a specific aspect of the survey data, you must enable the corresponding item. This makes it possible to selectively modify only the items you want. Here is a detailed description of all Block Modify Options:


Text Items - Page 1 .

Survey Names - Page 2.

Number Items - Page 3.

Data Format - Page 4-

Station Items - Page 5.

Shot Items - Page 6.



Bottom Panel. The bottom panel shows a count of the number of surveys that have been selected and the total number of surveys in the list. Pressing the "Select All" button select all surveys so the block modify operation will be performed on all surveys


Modifying The Data. When you have finished setting up the operations on all the pages that you want to carryout, simply press the OK button and the data will be modified. To abort the operation, press the Cancel button.