Complex Exclude Dates

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The Exclude dates option allows you to selectively display cave passages based on the date they were surveyed. For example, you might want to display only those passages that were surveyed during the first year of exploration in the cave.


Exclude Dates Page. The Exclude Dates Page presents you with two boxes that show the Starting and Ending dates. There are three pairs of up and down arrows in each box. These arrows increment and decrement the month, day and year of the date. (Which buttons control the month, day and year depend what date format you are using. Generally, the date format depends on the country you live in and the way you have configured Windows.)


The Starting and Ending date controls which surveys will be displayed. In other words, only those surveys that were done between the Starting and Ending dates will be displayed.


Note. If the survey dates are missing or in error, date exclusions can give strange results. For example, some people enter zeros when the exact date of the survey is unknown. This leads to surveys that appear to be hanging in space because the connecting survey's date is incorrect.