Complex Exclude Extents

 Complex Exclude Extents

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The Exclude-By-Extents options allow you to exclude certain portions of the cave based on their location. For example, you could exclude parts of the cave that extend above and below a certain depth in the cave. This way you could focus on and view a particular level in the cave.


The Exclude Extents Page. The Exclude Extents Page presents you with two windows that show a plan and profile view of the cave. Superimposed on these views of the cave are six lines. These lines correspond to the Top, Bottom, West, East, North and South limits of the view. Any part of the cave that is outside of these limits will not be displayed.


Dragging The Extents. You can reposition any of these lines by moving the mouse cursor over the line and dragging the line to a new position. You can also use the edit boxes to the right of the display to set the limit lines to an exact position. You can either enter the numbers directly or use the arrow-buttons to increment or decrement the values.


Zooming. The Extent Windows are fairly small and it may be difficult to see exactly which parts of the cave you are excluding. For this reason, you can zoom in and magnify the image of the cave by clicking on the “Plus” button at the bottom of the page. You can also zoom out by clicking the “Minus” button. Finally, you can restore the un-magnified view, by clicking on the “Reset” button.


As you zoom in, the image of the cave may extend beyond the limits of the windows. As a result, scrollbars will appear scrollbars will appear on the edge of the window to allow you to pan any part of the cave into view.


Limit Pairs. The limit lines work in pairs. This means that you can use the Top-Bottom, West-East and South-North limits individually. For example, if you only enable Top-Bottom limits the Viewer will ignore the position of the other limit lines. You can reset the position of lines by clicking-on the "Reset" button. This will move the lines so they are just outside the edges of the cave.