Dragging and Flying Through the Cave

 Dragging and Flying Through the Cave

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Drag Mode. Drag Mode is an option that allows you move the Selection Box or the cave by dragging the cursor around the screen. This can be very useful selecting part of the cave for viewing or for positioning the cave on the screen. You can turn on Drag Mode by clicking-on the "Drag Mode" button on the Tool Bar. Status Likewise, you can disable Drag Mode by clicking-on the button again. You can also turn it on or off by selecting the "Mode|Toggle Drag Mode" option from the menu bar. When Drag Mode is enabled, the mouse cursor changes to a "four-arrow" shape.


Dragging The Selection Box or Cave. In Overview Mode, you can directly drag the Selection Box with the mouse cursor. If the Viewer is in Zoom Mode,you can directly drag the cave with the mouse cursor. Just place the cursor on the screen, hold down the left mouse button and drag. The cave or the Selection Box will follow the cursor to a new position.


Flying Through The Cave. Drag Mode also gives you the ability to fly through the cave with the mouse. You do this by holding down the "Middle" mouse button. If you don’t have a three-button mouse, hold down the "Shift" key and the "Left" mouse button. If you move the mouse forward, the Viewer will continuously zoom in toward the cave. Likewise, if you move the mouse backwards, the Viewer will zoom out. If you move the mouse to the left, the image will pan toward the left side of the cave. Likewise, if you move the mouse to the right, the image will move to the right. This will give you the sense of flying into and through the cave. (Note. You can achieve similar rotational effects using the 3D Compass to rotate the cave in real-time.)


Tracking. As you move the mouse across the screen, the program will continuously redraw the cave to keep up. When you have a fast computer or a small cave, the Viewer can keep up with the mouse. However, if the cave is large or the computer is slow, the redraws may lag behind the mouse. This can be a bit confusing. As a result, the Viewer allows you to turn off "Live Tracking." When Live Tracking is enabled, the Viewer will redraw the cave every time the cursor has been moved a small distance. When Live Tracking is disabled, the cave is not redrawn until you release the left mouse button. Live Tracking can be enabled or disabled in the "Settings" window.