Identifying Surveys By Cursor.

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In a large or complex cave, it can be very difficult to identify individual surveys in the tangle of passages. For this reason, the Viewer gives you the option of visually identifying any survey that appears on the screen. You do this by placing a special cursor near the survey. The program will then identify and highlight the nearest survey to the cursor.


Using The Cursor. When you activate the Survey Location Tool, a special cursor appears on the screen. You can move this cursor by clicking the left mouse button anywhere on the screen. Once you have placed the cursor near the survey in question, click-on the “Find Survey With Cursor” button. The cursor will immediately move to the nearest station and it will highlight the nearest survey. In addition, the nearest station will be selected in the Survey List and the nearest station will be selected in the Station List.


Wrong Surveys. Remember that the cursor only locates the closest station not the closest survey line. As a result, you can move the cursor close to a line and have it locate the wrong line. This is because, although you may be near the survey line, you may be a long way from a station on the line. Just make sure that you move the cursor near a station on the line.