Centering On A Survey Or Station.

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In a large or complex cave, it can be difficult to maintain your orientation. For this reason, the Survey Location tool gives you the option of centering a survey or station. Centering causes the Viewer to set all its pan-factors so that the selected survey or station is dead center in the middle of screen. This centering takes place in three dimensions, so the selected point is the center for any rotation. This way you can spin and tilt the cave any direction and the selected point will always be in the center of the screen.


Centering. To center on the selected station or survey, click-on the "Center On Survey" button or “Center On Station” button at the bottom of the window. The view will instantly move to center on the selected point. If you are in Overview Mode, the Selection box will move so it is centered on the point.


Center Location. If you are centering on a station, the center of screen will be right on top of the survey station. If you are centering on a survey, the center of the screen will be on top of the geometric center of the survey.