Depth Sort Option

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When the Viewer displays the cave, the passages are normally drawn in the same order that they were originally entered in the Editor. This means that distant passages can sometimes be drawn on top of nearby passages. Normally, this is not a problem, because the passages are represented by thin lines. However, when you are using any of the Filled Passage Wall options, it may create an image where far away passages appear to be on top of near passages. For this reason, the Viewer gives you the option of plotting distant passages first and nearby passages last. This guarantees that nearby passages will appear on top of distant passages.


Options. To enable this option, check the “Depth Sort Option” option in the Passage Modeling window. The Depth Sort options solves this problem by sorting the passages according their distance.


Speed. The only disadvantage to this option is that it is slightly slower. This is because of the fact that which passage is far and which is near changes as you pan, zoom and rotate the cave. As a result, the program has to re-sort the passages each time it re-draws the cave. On a slow computer with a large cave, you may notice a short pause before the program begins plotting. If the cave you are working with has relatively few overlapping passages; you can turn off the Depth Sort option and speed up drawing.