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The Viewer has the ability to create full motion videos by saving a series individual images from the screen. The feature can also be used to create slide shows of images from different caves or different aspects of the same cave. (Animations are another method of creating videos that may be better in certain circumstances.)


Saving Movies. The Movies or Slide Shows can be saved to disk for later replay. They can be saved as a special "cave" file for later display or editing. They can also be saved as Windows AVI files. Windows AVI files can be viewed on any standard Windows movie viewer. AVI files can also be converted to other format such as MPEG for viewing over the Internet.


Activating. To activate the Movie Capture tool of the Viewer, select "Tools|Record Movie" from the menu bar. (You must have a file open before you can activate the movie features.) This will display the Movie Capture window. The Movie Window consists of two pages. The first page handles creating movies and the second page deals with loading and saving movies files. Here is detailed information about each page:


Capture Page

File Page