Inserting New Survey File Nodes.

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Generally speaking, you create a new project by adding new Survey Data File Nodes to the tree. This means adding the names of new Survey Files to the tree. There are several ways of doing this. If you are starting from scratch and creating a brand new project, you would use the Insert A New File options to create the first Survey Data File. This option automatically creates and inserts a new Survey Data File in the tree.


Another way of adding new Survey Data Files to a project is to create them independently. For example, you can use the Survey Editor to create a new file. You can also use the Survey Copying features of the Project Manager to copy selected surveys from an existing file into a new file. Finally, you can use any existing Survey Data File in your project.


If you are creating new survey files outside the Project Manager or if already have existing files, you will need to insert them as Survey Nodes in the tree. To insert a new node, highlight either the Project Node at the top of the tree, or one of the Data File Nodes. If you highlight the Project Node, the new Data File Node will be inserted at the bottom of the tree. If you highlight a Data File Node, the new node will be inserted just before the highlighted node. (Note: You cannot insert a Data File Node into Survey Nodes because the surveys are part of the Data File.)




After you have highlighted a node, select the "Edit|Insert Existing File In Project" option from the menu bar. You can also click on the Insert Existing File In Project icon on the tool bar. The program will now display the Node Editor. The Node Editor allows you to select a Survey Data file, set links and enter comments.