Moving Surveys Inside A File

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Moving surveys inside a file allows you to change the order of the surveys. This is useful because the compiler and loop closer work better if the surveys inside a file are in optimal order. For example, let's say you have four surveys that are connected in the cave A to B to C to D. If the order of the surveys in the file are A, D, C, B then B, C, and D are out of order. This means the compiler and loop closer have to use extra time and memory to process the file.


There are two ways to move surveys inside a file. You begin by selecting the survey you wish to move by clicking on the specific survey with the left mouse button. This will highlight the survey. You can then move the survey up or down one location by clicking on the Up and Down Arrow buttons to the left of the list. You can also move a survey by keeping the left mouse button down and "dragging" the survey to the destination. When you reach the destination, simply release the left mouse button and the survey will be "dropped" at that point. Surveys can only be moved one-at-a-time inside a survey.