Moving Surveys Inside A File

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Moving surveys inside the Destination List allows you to change the order of the surveys. This is useful because the Compass compiler and loop closer work better if the surveys inside a file are in optimal order. For example, let's say you have four surveys that are connected in the cave A to B to C to D. If the order of the surveys in the file are A, D, C, B then B, C, and D are out of order. This means the compiler and loop closer have to use extra time and memory to process the file.


There are several ways to move surveys inside the Destination List:


1. Selecting Files. Before you can move surveys, you must select the surveys you want to move. Clicking on individual surveys highlights that survey and removes the highlight from all other surveys. If you want to select more than one survey, hold down the Control-Key while you are clicking. Each time you click on a new survey, it will be selected and previous surveys will remain selected. Finally, if you hold down the Shift-Key and click in two place in the list, all the intervening surveys will be highlighted.


2. Up/Down Arrows. Once you have selected one or more surveys, pressing the Up or Down Arrow will move all the surveys up or down one slot. If you hold down the arrow button, the command will auto repeat. This speeds up moving survey a long distance.


3. Drag/Drop. Once you have selected one or more surveys, you can drag the surveys to a new location in the list. Just click on one of the selected surveys and then, while keeping the mouse button pressed, move the cursor to a new location. This drags the surveys to the new location. Finally, release the mouse button. This drops the surveys at that location, effectively moving them.


4. Cut/Paste. Once you have selected one or more surveys, you can press the "Cut" button the left of the list. This will copy the surveys to the clipboard and delete them from the list. You can then select another location in the list by clicking on a survey. Finally, you can press the "Paste" button to insert the surveys at the selected location.


Note: The Destination List does not have a "Copy" option and only has the "Cut" option. This is because you are not allowed to insert duplicate surveys into the list. If you copied and pasted, in the Destination List, this would introduce duplicate surveys into the list. Also note that the surveys are copied to an "internal" clipboard and not copied to the actual Windows clipboard.