Opening Files

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Before you can manipulate surveys, you must open the survey file or files that contain the surveys. To protect you from accidentally making changes to files, the program doesn't automatically open any of the files in the List. You must do this by clicking on the "open file" button to the left of each survey list. After you have selected a survey file, the program will fill the box with a list of all the surveys in the file.


Since there are two list boxes, you can have one or two files open at a time, depending on what you want to do. For example, if you want to delete surveys, rename surveys or change the order of surveys in the file, you only need to have one file open. Also, if you want to create a new file by copying or moving files into an empty list, you only need to have one file open. If you want to copy surveys between existing files, you must have two files open.


The survey names in each box are a different color. This helps you keep track of which surveys came from which files.