Creating New Surveys

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Creating new surveys is different from creating new survey files. When you create a new survey, it must go into an existing survey file. Generally, in Compass, you can place hundreds of surveys into a single file, so you will usually be creating a new survey inside an existing survey file. If you are starting out with a new cave or creating a new section of a cave, you will need to create a new survey data file before you can enter a new survey. Here are two methods for creating new survey files:

Creating And Inserting A New File

Creating A New Data File


Add A New Survey. Once you have a survey file it is easy to add a new survey. Simply click the mouse cursor on the survey in the Tree that you want to add the survey to and then click on the "Add New Survey" icon on the Tool Bar or select the "Edit|Insert New Survey File In Project" from the menu bar. The program will then prompt you for the name of the survey. After you have selected a survey name, a new empty survey will be placed in the file.


Survey File Position. You can control where the new survey is placed in the file. If you highlight one of the surveys under the file, the new survey will be placed just before the highlighted survey. (Note: in order to see the surveys you must turn on the Show Surveys option.) If you highlight a Survey Data file in the tree, the survey will be inserted at the end.


Default Survey Format. Newly created survey use the Default Data Format to set the Units and Shot Item Sequences. You can set the default format in the Survey Editor. See the Survey Editor Help for more information.


You can also use the Survey Editor to insert new surveys in the file. Refer to the following for more information on using the editor.

The Survey Editor

Editing Surveys