Creating A New Survey File

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You can create a new survey data file to be used as a Single File Project. When you do this, the survey data file will appear in the survey tree, ready to use. This is different from creating a survey data file that will be used with a Project.


You create a new survey data file by clicking-on the “Create New File” button or by selecting the "File|Create New Survey File" option from the menu bar. The program will then prompt you for the name of the first survey in the file. After you have selected a survey name, the program will allow you to choose a folder and a filename for the new survey file. The program then saves the new survey to disk and displays it in the survey tree. Note: creating a new survey file is different from creating a new survey. See: Creating New Surveys for more information. Remember that a single survey file will hold many surveys, so you should only create a new survey file when you are setting up a new cave or cave section.