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There are many options that control the operation of the Project Manager and COMPASS in general. Selecting "Options|Settings" from the menu bar allows you set the Project Manager's operation to suit your needs. The Setting window is divided into four pages. Here is detailed information for each page:


General Options

Compile Options

Process With Flags

Instrument Corrections

Average Backsights

Units Options

Uncertainty Settings

Saving Settings

Declination Settings

Purge Suspended Shots

Use Closed files with Projects

Use UTM Convergence

Use LRUDs With TO Station

Break Loops

Post Processing Options.

Close Options

Directory Setup

Closer Options

Post Processing Options.

Directory Setup

Profile Mode


Unfolded-Profile Settings



Important Note. The changes you make in the setting will not appear in the plot or statistics until the data is reprocessed. COMPASS does not automatically reprocess the data unless the data itself has changed. For this reason, you may have to force the data to be recompiled or closed. You do this by setting the Process Options and then pressing the “View” button. Also, options such a Breaking Loops can be hidden if the data is closed. This is because the loop error will so small after closing that now break will be visible.