Step-By-Step, Create and View Survey Data File.

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When you are working with a small cave, you generally want to put all your data in a single survey data file. Here is the information for creating and processing a new survey data file based project.


1. Create A New Survey Data File. Begin by creating a new Survey Data File. You can do this by selecting the "File|New Data File" option from the menu bar. Be sure to choose an appropriate folder for this particular cave. If necessary, you can use Window Explorer or My Computer to create a new folder.


2. Enter Data For The New Survey. Begin by enabling the Show Surveys option and double clicking on the Survey Data File in the tree to expand the treeand display the surveys inside the file. Now click on the newly created survey to highlight it and then click the Edit Cave Survey or File button. This will take you to the Survey Editor. Enter your survey data, save the data and exit from the editor.


3. Process The Data. Highlight the Survey Data file in the tree that you want to view. You highlight an item in the tree by clicking on it. Once you have selected the file, click the Process And View Cave button. The data in your file will be processed and then displayed by the Viewer.