The Edit Window

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The Edit Window is the large central portion of the window where text is entered.




As with most Windows editors, text can be entered only when there is an active cursor on the screen. You can place the active cursor on the edit screen by moving the mouse cursor to a place on the screen and clicking the left mouse button. You can move the cursor to another location by clicking on another location on the screen. The cursor can also be moved using the arrow keys as well as with several different keyboard commands.


Text is entered by simply typing, and the characters will appear at the cursor. If you make a mistake, correct it with the Backspace key.


The screen can be scrolled both horizontally and vertically, to keep the text you are working on always within the window. The editor responds automatically to the size of the window, so that it is possible to edit in small windows, keeping the relevant text in view.


You can highlight text in a variety of ways, using the mouse, the shift key and various cursor movements. Highlighted text can be overwritten, or copied to the Windows clipboard. Control Characters are also displayed on the screen as highlighted characters.


Another feature of the screen is a pop-up menu. If you right click on the screen, a menu will appear that enables you to perform many other operations.


Tool-Tip Hints. If you run your mouse over any of the variables, procedure names or intrinsic names in the code, the program show a hint box



The hint-box gives you information about the object you are mousing over. It will tell you if the item is a variable, procedure or intrinsic. It will also tell you the file where the item is declared and the line number of declaration. If it is a variable, it will tell you type of variable.


char = Character or Address type variable

int = Integer type variable

real = Real or floating point variable

int con = Integer constant

real con = Real constant

seg char = Segment character variable

seg int = Segment integer variable

seg real = Segment real variable

seg short = Segment short-real variable