Expanded Variable Display

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The Expanded Variable Display is a dialog box that displays the content of variable in a larger windows. This is useful for displaying the content of large arrays that won't fit into the Watch List. You can view the dialog box Expanded Variable Display by pressing the  Expanded Variable Display button on the Watch List tool bar






The window displays the currently selected variable in the Watch List. If you select a different variable, the display will change. As you step through a program and the values change, the display will also change.


Display Format. If the variable is an array and you've properly set the Watch Properties, the display will show the structure of the array using parentheses to show the various dimensions. For example, if  you had a defined an array:


int I(2,3,4);


The array structure would look something like this:




Offset. Because of speed considerations, the Expanded Variable Display only shows the first 8096 items in the array. If the array is larger than 8096 entries, you can view other parts of the array by changing the offset value. The Offset value defines the first element of the array to displayed. The offset ignores dimensions and is applied to the items in the order they are displayed. For example, if the offset were set to 11, the display would look like this: