intrinsic-162 Set3DNormals

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162: Set3DNormals(Handle, CreaseAngle)


This intrinsic sets all the normals for a 3D mesh.  Normals are used by the Viewer to smooth the edges of triangles when the Viewer is in Smooth Mode.




Handle. This argument is an integer handle created by the Add3DObject intrinsic. The handle must be to a mesh, and it specifies the mesh that will be operated on.


CreaseAngle. The crease angle is used to control which edges are smoothed and which are left sharp. The program measures the angle between adjacent faces. If the angle is less than the crease angle, the angle of the faces are averaged to generate the normal. This smooths that edge. On the other hand, if the angle is greater than the crease angle, a new normal is set to be at a right angles to the face.