intrinsic-187 Set3DViewerMode

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187: Set3DViewerMode(Item, Mode);


This intrinsic sets various operating modes for the 3D Viewer.




Item. This integer value specifies which mode is being set. Currently, there is only one mode:


0 = Back Culling. This item controls whether triangles that are facing away from the viewer are displayed. If the Mode value is set to true, the feature will be enabled. Likewise, if it is set to false, the feature will be disabled.


If back-culling is enabled, back-facing triangles are not displayed, saving time and speeding up the display. Sometimes however, it is useful to display back-facing triangles. For example, if you are viewing the interior of 3D objects, back-culling must be turned disabled.

Mode. This parameter is a integer value that is applied to the selected Item.