Survey Team Analysis

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Compass has the ability to analyze and display statistics about the people who have surveyed a particular cave. To access this information, select "View-> Survey Team Stats" option from the Project Managers menu bar. This will bring up the "Survey Team Analysis" window:




Analyze Data Button. To process the survey team data, press the "Analyze Data" button. Because the program has to correlate all the different surveyor with the surveys they have done, this can take several seconds to complete on a big cave.


Settings. The lest-hand panel contains setting that control the processing of the data::


Units. This option allows you to choose meters or feet as the units of display.


Make Names Mixed Case. When people enter the names of surveyors into Compass, they may be all upper case or all lower case instead of the normal mixed case.. Enabling this option forces all names to have a capitalized first letter and rest of the be lower case.


Search Button. The search button allows you to search for surveyors by name. Searches proceed from the current location forward. and are not case sensitive.


Right Panel. The right-hand panel has three pages: Here is a description of each one


1. Surveyor Grid .

2. Survey Graph.

3. Surveyor Report.